Easy family meals
from a dad's Perspective

Easy family meals. from a dad's Perspective


On the grill

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Hi. I'm Derek!


I’m a home cook, grill and barbecue junkie – and love fishing out doors.

But most of all, I  love to sharing meals I create for my family!

My passion in life to use food to take a break from life, and re-connect  as a family at the dinner table.

I love encouraging families to cook by sharing recipes, tips and tricks that make cooking simple, enjoyable and delicious!

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Quick and easy

Meals that take around 30 minutes. perfect for weeknights

Quick and easy

Meals that take around 30 minutes. perfect for weeknights

My Recent Recipes

  • Irish Nachos with Corned Beef
    Get ready to indulge in a hearty and delicious pub-style snack that is perfect for any occasion – Irish Nachos! Every St. Patrick’s day that comes […]
  • Texas Style Smoked Pulled Pork
    Texas smoked pulled pork. That’s not something you think of when you think of Texas right? I’m smoking a pork shoulder low and slow, with a […]
  • Corned Beef Colcannon bake
    Potato lovers gather around while I tell you the story of one of the most glorious dishes that has ever existed. This dish is loaded with […]
  • DIY Keyhole Garden: A Dad’s Guide to a Garden for Sustainable Family Living
    A Keyhole garden is a style of raised bed that has built in composting, and creates a sustainable ecosystem that your plants will thrive in As […]
  • Gordon Ramsay’s Shepherds Pie
    Gordon Ramsay’s shepherd’s pie is a great baseline shepherd’s pie to begin with. The ground meat filling is so robust and savory with a mashed potatoes […]