Celebrating Our New Family Of Four

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It’s been about 4 years since we did the newborn thing, and you kind of forget how much of a whirlwind those first few months are. I mean you remember, but you don’t really remember HOW crazy it is. If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about.

Our little girl Kenzie is almost three months now and I’m totally digging having a daddy’s girl already! Having a boy and a girl is definitely such a treat because you get the best of both worlds, and we’re totally excited about all that to come with it!

When you’re in that whirlwind of the first few months, getting out isn’t exactly easy. You always say “we should do this, we should do that”, and the next thing you know, it’s 4 years later (haha!). We definitely wanted to get a break from it and and got out and celebrate our new family of four, with a little breakfast for dinner!

My favorite spot to do that is Jack In The Box. Since I was a kid, getting a sourdough breakfast jack, hash browns and tacos always seemed to hit the spot at night! Along with a large cup of Gold Peak Tea? Its the best quick breakfast for dinner you could possible ask for!

With the casualness of Jack, we brought some props and things to document our night and let take some goofy pictures while we’re at it. Life needs those silly breaks, especially during the stressful first few months of having a newborn in the house. Definitely needed it!

Another perk of that casual atmosphere is when little girl starts getting fussy, I have no shame in my game by carrying her around! Never mind how she got fussy, maybe it was because of this picture…

That face usually means, “Let’s wrap this up guys, I want to eat too!”

Derek Campanile
Derek Campanile
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