Weight Loss Journey With RECON Update: LOST 12 LBS IN 2 WEEKS

So, just checking in, it’s been a little over 2 weeks since I’ve started my weight loss program with Personal Trainer Food RECON program. It’s funny how my mind plays tricks on me thinking that my clothes were just getting old and shrinking in the laundry, because in the last two weeks clothes that were getting a little snug are pretty loose now!

Just to give you some perspective, these are the same pants in a picture from last month:

So the most noticeable changes I’ve noticed have been in my waist (and my badonk-a-donk). And I’m only a little halfway through this! In case you haven’t been following Personal Trainer Food sent me a 4 week supply from their RECON program to try out, and  so far, I’ve been pretty happy with it! There are some guidelines to follow like, no sugar (non-caloric sweetener is OK), or carbs, but the after the first week, my cravings for sugar have been non-existent, although

I’m a carb-guy at heart so I still miss having some bread or potatoes, but have been finding alternatives to get me through it!

I had a minor mishap and mistakenly drank an energy drink that had 60g of sugar, that made me feel like absolute crap and had to run on the treadmill for 30 minutes to make myself feel less guilty about it. The food itself has been really good so far, and the freedom to eat as much protein as I need with addition of some cheese, makes missing out of some carbs easier on me. Like, meatball marinara covered in cheese? I’m all over that!

Part of the guidelines is not to weigh yourself as it can be misleading. But I JUST HAD TO, and started from 232 and now down to 220 is pretty awesome only being a little over 2 weeks in! If I had to guess I feel like i’m about an inch and a half to two inches smaller around the waist. So I’m pretty happy so far, but this is only the beginning to helping me cut more fat and get leaner by summertime!

BTW, If you’re interested in joining this program (which If you can tell so far, I’m definitely all about this program!) using DADWITHAPAN will save you $100 off your first order (and help me out a bit too ????)

check back at the end of next week to see my complete review of the RECON Program!

Derek Campanile
Derek Campanile
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