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Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Sometimes I like to splurge for breakfast, making something delicious, sort of not really healthy and something that just makes you happy and ready to take on the day. Today is that kind of recipe, with a Sweet Potato waffle loaded up with sinfully delicious fried eggs loaded with melted cheese and bacon. You could say it’s a sandwhich, but you’re going to need a fork and knife for this beast!

Using some thawed frozen sweet potato tots, I loaded them up in the waffle iron to make the waffle sandwich, then doubled down using 2 fried eggs smothered in melted cheese. This has got to be one of the best breakfasts I’ve made in a while. Yes I’m patting myself on the back, what of it?! ????The flavor of the sweet potato well with the savory bacon and egg in this breakfast sandwich. I ALMOST topped with with some avocado, but decided the fats from the cheese and bacon was probably good enough, and didn’t want to overdo it, but if you’re a major foodie you’re going to want to throw some avocado on this bad boy.

This can be an easy meal to serve up in the morning by bringing all the ingredients out to the table, and letting everyon make their own sandwich, don’t forget some hot sauce or some jalapeno ketchup to add some heat to the waffle sandwich!

Unlike my previous hash brown waffle sandwich, this one is by far easier to make by using the tots. Less mess, quicker prep, just thaw the tots and they’re good to go on the iron! The carmelization from the sweet potatoes really gives it a nice crunch too, making it a new favorite for me to use when making potato as a waffle!

Sweet Potato Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4 people
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  • 16 oz sweet potato tots This will make about 2 waffles.
  • 8 whole eggs
  • 8 strips bacon
  • 4 oz cheddar cheese
  • 4 slices tomato
  • 4 leaves romaine lettuce


  • Cook your bacon in a pan on medium heat and set aside.
  • while the bacon is cooking begin making your sweet potato tot waffles, lightly coating the griddle with olive oil, and covering as much surface area as possible on the iron with tots
  • Cook on high for about 5 minutes until crispy; set on a cooling rack and repeat until you've made enough waffles. 1 waffle will make 2 sandwiches.
  • crack your eggs in a non-stick pan on medium heat. Cover until the yolk looks opaque.
  • Cover the eggs with cheese and cover for another minute. Separate each egg with a spatula so that you can stack 2 eggs on top of each other for each sandwich.
  • Stack 2 cheesy eggs on top of each other, with 1-2 strips of bacon, lettuce tomato, and any other toppings you love. Enjoy!
Derek Campanile
Derek Campanile
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