That’s It! We’re Taking A Break From Summer Break…

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This is the first Summer Vacation we’ve experienced as parents. Our little guy finished up his first year of preschool, and now its time for Summer break!

Break? What break?

Keeping an energy filled toddler entertained throughout summer is no easy task! We’ve been filling up our calendar with all sort of activities to keep him busy. It also helps mama bear from losing her mind while I’m off at work!

Between play dates, crafting days, building birdhouses with dad, and numerous days at the pool – this summer is a lot busier than I imagined it would be!

But it keeps him happy, and for the most part out of trouble. If there’s one thing I’ve learned its the moment a toddler is quiet and out of site, that’s when they’re up to no good!

Don’t get me wrong, spending quality time with your family during the summer is the best! But with a full calendar of activities, and places to go, you’ll find yourself needing a little break from summer break!

Summer Cake Break

It’s been so hot this week, my wife has been running around town keeping Brayden busy. So I thought with National Ice Cream Month upon us, what better way to celebrate than by taking Summer Cake Break!

I took Brayden down to Ralph’s Grocery and let him pick out an Ice Cream Cake in the frozen section. I was not shocked at all when he picked up the OREO® cake from I Love Ice Cream Cakes, who also offers different styles in original Carvel®, Jon Donaire®.

He’s a sucker for those cookies, while Mom and I love cookies and cream ice cream so this is a win-win!

It’s too hot, and its the end of the week so I’m in no mood to tear apart the kitchen, so having a good ice cream cake ready to go straight from the store is right up my alley at the moment.

It’s and absolutely beautiful cake too. It comes right of the box looking so good to eat, its going to definitely put a smile on all our faces!

Seriously, look at that cake? How can you not get excited to dig in and devour it, before anyone else gets to it!

Kidding.. I’ll share a sliver with the fam.. BUT THE REST IS MINE!

His excitement for our summer cake break was too much for him to contain. All he’s been talking about is ice cream cake, and even when setting up to have our cake break. He wanted to decorate the table with some of his summer crafts. He’s been really proud of this planter pot that he painted this summer.

And I’m especially excited to share the amazing-ness that is ice cream cake with Brayden. The first time I told him about ice cream cake he had no idea what I was talking about and told me “ew, that’s gross”

So I had to explain a little better and say “No dude, there’s ice cream in the cake!”. I don’t know how exactly he was picturing ice cream cake, but that helped him get a better idea and was super excited.

And the second I cut into the cake and he saw all the ice cream inside was about all he could handle and he needed to dig in.

From family celebrations and cookouts to gifts and just everyday deliciousness, there’s always a great reason to make people smile with an ice cream cake. I’m pretty sold on using these for his birthday at the end of the month too. If you check on I Love Ice Cream Cakes website you’ll see blank ice cream cakes that you can write your own message on them!

Having a little ice cream cake break, was definitely what the doctor ordered. Sitting outside after the heat dies down, and enjoying a little break from all the craziness getting a mouthful of delicious ice cream cake.

Yeah I think every day is going to end like this until school is back in session.

Be sure to check out I Love Cakes at your nearest grocery store.

Also, how are you take a break from all the craziness from the summer? I’d love to get some ideas from you!

Derek Campanile
Derek Campanile
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